We provide simple and reliable webcasting services that deliver the results and ROI you need. Our proven experience has shown what clients actually need from a webcast.

Simplicity and reliability, that is our promise to you.

See how we compare against your existing suppliers.
  • Fully branded – every aspect of your online event can be fully branded; from your webpage to the background on the shoot.
  • Excellent user experience – viewers see your speaker support slides and videos in full motion, with all animations intact, not static frame-grabs.
  • Q&A – online viewers can ask questions which are moderated via a management console that allows question amendments and prioritisation.
  • Analytics – Easy to use dashboard allows you to get up to the minute stats on your event and easily download CSV reports for use in your CRM or marketing systems.
  • Full multi-device support – all our webcasts work across the leading desktop browsers, tablets and phones (Android and iOS) with no loss of event experience.
  • Multi-bitrate streaming – all our webcasts are delivered in a range of bitrates so your users with a faster connection can watch higher quality video while users on mobile and slower connections watch a good quality video that streams with less buffering.
  • Security and access control – all our webcasts are secure, with options including password protection, IP restriction and domain exceptions.
Download a case study of a medical education webcast Expert Panel Webcast Use Case