Audio quality is absolutely critical to the dynamic of Medical Advisory Boards – and how much value stakeholders get out of them. But the conferencing technology provided by most venues isn’t fit for the demands of these strategic meetings, particularly remote participants, resulting in all-too-familiar scenarios:
  • Screeching feedback or distracting background noises
  • Participants struggle too intently to hear, stifling the discussion
  • Hard to identify who is speaking at any one time
  • Difficulties viewing or sharing meeting materials
  • Slower, error-prone transcription
That’s why we’ve developed ABConnect, a dedicated Advisory Board audio-visual solution, to help healthcare events management agencies create more value for their clients. ABConnect brings crystal clarity to Medical Advisory Boards This complete multi-camera, duplex audio streaming and recording package is designed to facilitate more productive dialogue by bringing astonishing clarity to all involved. Click here to download a pdf that shows how we can help you overcome common audio-visual challenges with ABConnect. With our experience working in multi-agency environments for prominent brands in the Pharma and MedEd sector, I’m confident we can help you deliver a PMCPA-compliant experience, and a higher return on your client’s AdBoard objectives. Please get in touch to find out more or to discuss your forthcoming event requirements.